Little Rock Music Festival

In a visual design class, the task was to create a multi-level campaign for a fictitious Music Festival. As part of my project, I focused on bringing all different ages together with a schedule that incorporated several genres of music.

The campaign includes the following promotional items: logo design, posters, mailers, badges, tickets, and a mobile application.

Tools: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, FujiFilm Finepix f20

Poster Staged
Full Poster
Wall Poster Staged

I wanted to reach several types of social classes by supplying two options for entry. A full three-day pass and individual tickets for each day through out the festival. The genre line-up was a key element that I included on both the badges and tickets. Additionally, I created a mailer to create interest in the festival and give a direct way to purchase tickets.

Front of Badge
Back of Badge
Staged Front of Badge
staged Back of Badge
Front of Mailer
Back of Mailer
Front of Ticket
Staged Mailers
Staged Tickets
Staged Phone Slide 1
Staged Phone Slide 2